Live Edge Wood Slabs: Everything You Need to Know

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When you think of live edge wood slabs, what comes to mind? If rustic furniture and cabin decor are among your first thoughts, then you’re on the right track. Live edge woodslabs can add a touch of natural beauty and personality to any space – from homespun country kitchens to sleek modern living rooms. But what is live edge lumber, and how can you use it in your own decor? Keep reading for everything you need to know about this beautiful trend.

What is Live Edge Wood?

Live edge slab wood is exactly what it sounds like: lumber that has not been cut and sanded to a uniform size and shape. When you walk into a room with live edge wood flooring, for example, you’ll see the natural curve of each board. That’s because they’re meant to show off their “live” edges – the sides of the boards that have yet to be sawed off. Many pieces of live edge wooden slabs furniture boast similarly unruly tops, making them stand out among your other furnishings.

So why use something so wild in your home decor when there are excellent flat boards available? For one thing, natural edge wood pieces can add an undeniable sense of texture and movement to your decor. More importantly, live edge pieces are meant to show off their history. With each piece of natural wood being so distinct in structure and coloration, every single item has a story to tell – one that you can uncover with your own eyes and hands.

Live Edge Wood Slabs: A History of the Trend

Live edge wood slab lumber has been abundant in nature for centuries, but it’s only recently become a staple of modern design. In fact, live edge pieces were once considered useless byproducts of the lumber industry – pieces that simply weren’t suited for anything other than firewood or compost. But when designers and artists got their hands on the pieces, they were able to uncover their hidden potential. With just a little sanding, these boards could be transformed into one-of-a-kind home decor with an incredible story behind them.

Live Edge Wood Slabs

So why has live edge wood design become so popular in recent years? For one thing, the rise of sustainable design has made consumers more conscious of environmental and social responsibility. The live edge trend also hearkens back to a time when we used and valued natural resources that were as unique as they were beautiful – well before mass-produced, cheaply made pieces became commonplace.

Common Wood Types Used in Live Edge Wood Slab

Although many different types of wood species can be used in live edge slab furniture, some of the most common include:

Oak – A popular choice for its affordability and wide availability, oak is a type of live edge hardwood slabs that can range from pale to dark brown. Its grain pattern tends to be fairly straight with jagged edges.

Maple – Maple is a type of hardwood lumber that ranges from pale to dark brown in color, with an occasional rippled pattern. Each wood plank within this kind of live edge furniture has its unique grain pattern.

Cherry – This type of wood tends to be on the paler side, ranging from pinkish-tan to deep red or even brown. The grain pattern often includes swirls and curls. Thanks to their tight grain pattern and durability, these pinkish-red raw slabs are often used in furniture and cabin decor.

Mahogany – A popular choice for its deep, rich coloration, mahogany ranges from pale to dark brown with a red or reddish-brown tint. It has a straight grain pattern and darker growth rings within the wood itself.

Redwood – Noted for its striking red color, redwood slabs are another type of live edge hardwood slab that can be tough and durable. A redwood slab is often selected for its coloration and affordability.

Walnut – Although it can be difficult to work with due to its hardness, walnut makes an excellent choice for live edge tables and other dining room furniture because of its rich coloration. Dark brown color with prominent brown streaks, the grain pattern in walnut is often wavy.

Hickory – Because of its durability, hickory is used to make both live edge and flat boards. This wood has a pale yellow color that darkens with age and a straight grain pattern. It’s tougher than redwood and lighter than oak.

Elm – Because of its unique curl pattern, elm makes an excellent addition to any live edge table and is often selected for its affordability. The color ranges from pale greyish-brown to brown with a faint greenish tint.

Sycamore – Sycamore is another type of hardwood with a pale cream hue and jagged grain. Its live edge pieces have a rougher look than other kinds of wood, making them perfect for rustic home decor.

Beech – A creamy white hue with streaks of pink, beech is yet another strong hardwood that can be used in flat boards and live edge pieces. A smooth grain pattern ensures the surface of the piece.

The Advantages of Using Live Edge Wood Slabs

Compared to other wood types, live edge slabs have a unique appearance that can’t be found on flat boards. This is because the natural shape of the tree trunks from which these pieces are harvested adds an artistic touch to any decor. We’ve also mentioned some of their unique characteristics already, but let’s look at some more benefits of using live edge wood slabs in your home decor.

Long-Lasting – Live edge wood slabs are made from hardwood trees, which are popular and extremely durable. This means that you can expect to use them for decades to come – perfect if you want furniture or decor pieces that will last a lifetime!

Unique – Live edge slabs have a one-of-a-kind appearance that flat boards can’t match. With these unique pieces, you’ll never have to worry about finding matching decor or furniture to complete your rooms!

Environmentally Friendly – When living trees are cut down, their wood can no longer repurpose carbon dioxide into oxygen. Live edge wood is harvested from dead trees before they become a hazard to the environment. You can rest easy knowing that your decor or furniture is helping to reduce waste!

Versatile – We’ve already mentioned some of the versatility of live edge pieces, but one more thing to note is their affordability compared to other types of wood products. Live edge slabs are also lighter than different types, making them easier to transport and work with.

As you can see, there are plenty of benefits to using natural edged slabs in your home decor. Keep reading for some ideas on how you might want to use these unique pieces!

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Live Edge Wood Slab Furniture and Decor Ideas

Now that you understand a little about what live edge wood slabs are, let’s look at some of the most common uses for them in home decor:

Kitchens – The natural charm of live edge wood makes it a great choice for kitchen countertops, tables, chairs, bar tops, and more. This is especially true if you have an open design with clean lines.

Bathroom – Live edge slabs are perfect for bathroom decor because of their unique character. Whether you want to show off the natural depths of the wood or go for a sleek and modern look, live edge wood adds character to any room! A live edge table or countertop can also double as a vanity, making it both comfortable and beautiful.

Bedrooms – If you want unique bedroom furniture, consider the beauty of live edges. These pieces are perfect for vanities, bedside tables, dressers, and more.

Entryway – Try using live edge slabs to create a unique coat rack or console table for a rustic touch to your entry or mudroom. You can also have one cut to size as a welcome mat or doormat.

Corner of the Room – If you prefer a more minimalist look and feel to your home, live edge pieces can also be used for decor accents like lamps and vases, wall hangings and mirrors, and even ceiling accents if done professionally.

Furniture – The natural beauty of live edge pieces makes them perfect for coffee tables, dining room furniture, headboards, or divider walls. They can even be used in home bars when combined with glass top surfaces for durability!

Home decor – Live edge slabs are also popular choices in home decor because they’re guaranteed to add an artistic touch to any room. These unique pieces include everything from wall clocks and mirrors to small kitchen islands.

Frequently Asked Questions

Live edge wood slabs can last indefinitely if properly maintained and cared for. Even pieces that have been exposed to harsh elements or insects can be restored with the proper refinishing techniques, so there’s no limit on how long your slabs can last!

Yes, you can refinish live edge wood slabs to restore their appearance or refresh them for a new look. However, be sure to sand it down gently if you do this yourself instead of taking it to a professional since improper sanding can damage the surface of your slab.

Live edge wood tables are usually made with oak, maple, or walnut. These woods tend to be sturdy and heavy-duty, making them perfect for large wooden tables that can hold up against weather damage or high traffic use.

Sealing live edge woods is important to prevent weather damage or insects from hurting the wood. You can do this by sanding your live edge of wood down with fine-grained sandpaper, then applying at least two coats of sealant that is specifically designed for outdoor use. Allow each coat to dry before reapplying again.

It’s best to do a lot of research ahead of time before purchasing bay area live edge wood slabs. This ensures you get the best price possible while also helping you determine which type of tree your wood comes from, how rare it is, and other important factors.

beautiful finished wood slab

How to Care for and Maintain Your Live Edge Wood Slabs

Since live edge wood slabs can be made from different trees, they each require slightly different care to ensure they last a long time in your home. Here are some common tips to follow when working with these unique pieces:

Clean regularly – Dirt and other debris can quickly get stuck in the crevices of your live edge wood slabs, so it’s essential to wipe down your pieces regularly. This will ensure they stay fresh and clean-looking for years and years!

Prevent moisture problems – If you’re placing a slab in an outdoor living space or any room with high humidity, ensure it’s protected from moisture and other elements. Wood can quickly deteriorate if exposed to too much moisture.

Protect from heat – Heat sources like stoves, fireplaces, and direct sunlight can also damage live edge wood slabs and cause them to dry out and splinter or crack. Make sure your pieces are well-placed to prevent this from happening!

Make sure it’s mounted securely – If you want to turn your live edge piece into a coffee table or other type of furniture, make sure it’s solidly secured to the base or legs. These types of pieces are not meant for walking on and could easily be damaged by pressure.

Move with care – While you can move live edge wood slabs with care, it’s best to have professional movers who have experience working with them. If you don’t, your pieces may break or become damaged even if they do survive the trip!

Be careful about light exposure – Live edge pieces are perfect for rustic decor themes that use plenty of other natural materials. However, if you plan to use them in a room with direct sunlight or harsh lighting, they may look faded or begin to turn gray over time.

Treat as a piece of artwork – It’s important to realize that live edge wood slabs are unique pieces of art that are meant to be displayed, not used as furniture. Always treat them with care and handle each piece with the utmost respect!

If you’re interested in getting a live edge wood slab for your home, make sure to do adequate research before purchasing!

Live Edge Wood Slabs: Price and Cost Factors

Any live edge wood slab can be costly, depending on how large it is and its rarity. For example, smaller end table-sized pieces are often cheaper than larger coffee tables or headboards. Also, some types of trees (and therefore slabs) are rarer than others based on where they’re found in the world – so they’ll be more expensive.

For example, a board foot of unfinished live edge wood costs about $20 in today’s market, while finished live edge pieces can go for $50 or more depending on the rarity and type of wood. Before you purchase a live edge wood slab, it’s important to do a lot of research and find out which kind of tree it comes from so you can determine what its price range should be!

Where to Find Live Edge Woods

Some people use live edge slabs as focal points in their homes or businesses, while others opt to build their entire business and decor theme around these unique pieces of wood. Since the cost of live edge wood varies quite a bit depending on its type and rarity, you can find it in specialty retail stores, online with specialty retailers, or even at events like craft fairs or home improvement expos.

Some places to find live edge woods include:

  • Craft fairs and home improvement expos
  • Online through specialty retailers or manufacturers (online search)
  • Local woodworking shops, Building materials stores, lumberyards, and hardware stores (in-person search)
  • Many woodworkers, furniture stores, or specialty stores that focus on rustic decor

If you’re interested in purchasing live edge woods for your home or business, it’s best to do a lot of research ahead of time. This not only ensures you’re getting the best price possible but also helps you determine which type of tree your wood comes from, how rare it is, and other important factors.

Final Thoughts

Live edge wood slabs are an excellent, unique type of lumber with hundreds of uses in decorating and other construction projects. However, it’s important to remember that these pieces can be pretty costly depending on their rarity and the type of tree they come from. Before purchasing live edge woods for yourself or your business, make sure you do adequate research so you can get the best product possible within your budget!

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