Live Edge Wood Furniture: Care & Maintenance

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Live edge wood furniture is not just a trend – it’s an investment. That means taking care of your live edge wooden furniture should be a top priority! Live edge wood furniture is sensitive to the environment and needs some special care. Here are some tips for keeping your live edge oak, walnut, or maple beautiful and well-protected:

Keep It Dry

A number one priority when caring for live-edge wood is keeping it dry so that there isn’t any swelling/cracking due to wetness over time which could lead to severe structural damage. Wetness can cause warping or swelling, which will result in cracking over time. This could lead to severe structural damage, so make sure you remove any moisture as soon as possible by wiping down the surface with a dry cloth and place something on top to absorb excess water.

Gently Clean

Avoid harsh cleaners like bleach or ammonia, which will damage the natural oils in the wood! Wipe down live edge wood furniture with a slightly damp cloth to remove dust or any other buildup. Do not use water, as this will cause the finish on your wooden tabletop to swell and crack over time. 

Apply sealers

Sealers are applied to the top and sides of your live edge wood furniture. They can be either a liquid or sprayed on, depending on preference. It’s essential that you choose what kind of sealer you want in advance, so it may take some research before deciding which one is right for you. There are many different options available!

Apply wood finish

A dry oil finish coat should also be applied as often as once every two years if desired to protect against moisture damage caused by spills (which will happen). If any cracks appear from this type of wear and tear, they can easily be touched up with the dry oils when reapplied at least annually. This finish provides a more natural look than other types while still protecting your furniture.

Apply a furniture polisher

This will help it stay looking shiny and new for longer! You can also use oil-based furniture polish to restore the finish and remove built-up dirt or dust. Make sure you clean off any surface fluids first, though!

Use coasters under glasses.

Suppose you’re placing drinks directly on the surface of your live edge coffee table! Live edge tables are susceptible to scratches and dings that can ruin their appearance. Coasters prevent these from happening, and keep your drink safe too!

Keep away from direct sunlight.

Keep your live edge away from direct sunlight, which can cause discoloration or warping of the top over time. Live edge tables are beautiful pieces that deserve extra care and protection! Show them off proudly – make sure you’re taking good care of them too!

Avoid placing sharp objects onto it.

To avoid damaging your furniture, try not to place anything directly onto it that can scratch or damage the surface – such as sharp objects like keys or cups with hot liquids in them. Put these items next to your live edge wood furniture instead, so they don’t come into contact with it at all!

Give it a buff if you’re going to be using the furniture outside.

One of the most important maintenance tasks you can do for your live edge wood furniture is to keep it from becoming weathered and damaged. The same thing that will protect your outdoor patio or deck also protects your indoor and outdoor living spaces — sealant, which helps prevent natural elements like rainwater, sun exposure, and plant growth from harming the surface finish. If you have a piece of live edge wood furniture outdoors, be sure to apply polyurethane every year before winter sets in!

Now that you know how to care for your live edge wooden furniture – get out there and buy some! Live edge wood furniture is a beautiful addition to any home, but care should be taken in order to maintain its beauty for as long as possible. By following the simple steps included in this article, you’ll know how to get started and keep your live edge wood furniture looking its best! Remember, maintenance is vital, so please keep this information handy when caring for your new purchase. You’ll thank us later.

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