How To Care For Your Salvaged Wood Furniture

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Salvaged wood furniture can be bought at many places, including lumber stores. Salvaged wood is usually an old building material that has seen previous use before being taken apart and used for furniture. Lumber stores often sell salvaged wood furniture, as do some second-hand shops. Salvage yards are another source of this kind of wood. Salvaged wood furniture is usually very affordable and of high quality.

Here are some tips that will keep your reclaimed wood furniture in top condition. Here we will go over how to care for the exterior and interior, along with some general maintenance that everyone should know about!

Guard Against The Sun

You should always put your reclaimed wood furniture in a safe location. Placed in direct sunlight can cause discoloration, warping, and other damage to your valuable possessions, so make sure there’s enough shade around! If possible, use curtains or shades outside because artificial light has shown how damaging UV rays are when they shine through windows during daytime hours.

Heat is another issue when it comes to Salvaged Wood Furniture. Sudden temperature changes should be avoided. This means not putting your furniture somewhere freezing and then bringing it inside where the heat from inside might cause cracking. In the same way, avoid leaving your furniture out in the sun for a long time and then bringing it into a dark shed or storage room, as this has the same effect as using artificial light.

Guard Against Moisture

Moisture damaged wood and can cause warping or even rot. Moist areas like basements are more susceptible to this type of damage because the air is heavy with water vapor molecules that make their way into cracks in furniture over time due to not dry out properly when winter comes around. It will help keep your home at an adequate humidity level through running humidifiers during these times. Hence, there isn’t too much excess moisture for things like mold spores and other bugs who love living on damp surfaces and don’t forget about those pesky termites!

Use these methods to handle everyday spills and stains:

Liquid Stains: Removing water stains on wood can be a pain, but there is an easy way to get rid of them. Spray some white, non-gel toothpaste onto your cloth and rub over any mark you see; as soon as the moisture leaves these areas, it will disappear or look much less noticeable than before!

Grease: Some people might be concerned about reusing a table that has been near something with fat on it. But don’t worry! First, remove all traces of oil by sprinkling salt over whichever area needs cleaning; then soak up any excess greasy substance using paper towels until they’re saturated. Next comes a gentle scrubbing process which we recommend doing while dampened cloths overlap one another at least once–perhaps twice depending upon the size/shape of the table. Finally, washcloths once more, dry with a clean cotton rag, and buff until it looks found again!

Try Avoiding Using Rough Cleaners

Many people believe that they can clean their reclaimed wood with harsh chemicals, but this is a mistake. Instead of using silicone or ammonia-based cleaners for the job, invest in high-quality wax-based furniture polish explicitly designed for solid surface materials like those found on old-fashioned sofas and chairs! We recommend just one application per month–depending on how often you use your newly polished piece (or not).

For the insides, you can use a damp sponge to wipe down any dust or dirt that might have accumulated during times where it has been in storage for an extended period. Avoid using rough, abrasive brushes because they will leave scratches on the surface of your furniture and ruin its appearance!

Remember that Salvaged Wood Furniture is a unique item that requires special care compared to something like leather. Salvaged wood furniture is an antique and should be treated with extra consideration and respect to not damage it. Follow these simple guidelines, and you’ll enjoy your Salvaged Wood Furniture for years to come!

Keep A Steady Temperature

It is essential to keep the temperature as stable and consistent as possible. Do not place furniture near heating or cooling vents, since these can cause wood to shrink, split, dry out and swell up in different places depending on its original shape before being cut into pieces for our needs today! A hot pad should always be placed on top of any table where you put something hot so that heat doesn’t escape through metal legs attached underneath tables. Items like stoves/ovens without using an electric blanket take away from safety too much because they’re plugged directly into wall outlets instead. However, this leaves us with no choice but to use them only when necessary. An oven only has the proper ventilation, such as a stove with a fan (removing all harmful chemicals) and electric blankets plugged into wall outlets.

Keep It Clean

Reclaimed wood can be an excellent material, but it needs some TLC. Regular cleaning helps keep your furniture in good shape and prevents the unfortunate effects of dirt on sensitive surfaces like paint or varnish that may lead to scratches! It would help if you dusted at least once per week for best results with either a soft lint-free cloth dampened slightly or recycle one you already have from its original purpose.

You must never use water on Salvaged Wood Furniture because of its porous nature, although you can apply a commercially available product specifically designed for this type of surface. Since Salvaged Wood is wood, we advise against using chlorine bleach to damage the surface and lead to cracks and warping. If you spill something like wine or food (and food especially) on Salvaged Wood Furniture, it should be dealt with immediately to prevent a permanent blemish from being left behind.

Salvaged Wood in Sebastopol, CA

Salvaged wood furniture has become a popular trend in recent years, with many people wanting to bring the rustic look into their homes. But even though they might be beautiful and unique, these pieces of furniture can also pose some challenges when it comes to maintaining them. With proper care, however, salvaged woods will last for generations. If you own or are considering purchasing any salvaged wood piece for your home, then this article is worth reading! We’ve provided essential tips on how best to care for your new purchase so that its beauty lasts through all seasons. Let us know what kind of salvage-wood furnishing you have, and we at Eric Christopher Art will store your furniture until you need it again! Call us today to learn more about us and how we can help you with maintaining your salvaged wood furniture!

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