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Tremendous importance is attached to hard work and choosing the right building materials for your structure. You will come to realize that some building materials are better suited to your project than others. Discovering this with the help of professional builders or suppliers like Eric Christopher Art would save you huge losses, time, and unhealable remorse.

Engineers and architects use different building materials to balance cost, structural integrity, and aesthetics in their designs. Wood remains a popular choice for building projects and professional finishes. Understanding the benefits and shortcomings of your project’s woodwork allows you to attain your project goals perfectly.

The Process

After the initial consultation, to get a better idea of what the client has in mind, we apply our master-level craftsmanship skills to deliver perfection. We explore uncompromised standards using traditional hand tools and modern methods resulting in the best quality and efficiency with every project.

Choosing a perfect finish matters much in concluding a woodwork task successfully. Imagine entirely constructing portrait busts, memorial statutes, fine art, and folk-art sculptures. Our prowess in production woodcarving to architectural woodcarving would serve you well.

Some of the most common types of finishes with their pros and cons include:

Penetrating Oil – UV Stabilized

This is a unique, clear UV resistant protection for exterior and interior wood.


– Easy application and inexpensive

– Very quick rich results are showing a high percentage of the figure within the wood.

– Sophisticated matte sheen.

– Easy touch-up maintenance.

– Penetrates fibers deep within the wood, protecting integrity.

– UV sun rays do minimal degradation.


– Not a developed surface finish. This means spills such as red wine will not be stopped from entering the pores of the wood.

2 Part Epoxy

When you choose 2 Part Epoxy for the finish, a primer must be applied to the surface before the paint itself.


– Shows all hidden figures within the wood.

– The “truth serum” for wood.

– Hard surface, fast build-up, strengthens any pith, fills checking, and hardens softwoods.

– A “5 in 1” type of finish. 4 coats of epoxy are like 40 coats of polyurethane.


– Glossy, fewer margins for error.

– Generally low UV stabilization, many brands yellow over time when outside in the sunlight.

Polyurethane – Water Based

Water-based polyurethane dries much more quickly, is a bit more self-leveling, and has less odor.

Let’s get started.


    – Easy cleanup.

    – Fast-drying. It dries faster than oil-based polyurethane and can be heavier coats too.

    – Easy “powdering up” sanding.

    – Barrier to moisture and spills.

    – Many available sheens- gloss, semigloss, satin, flat, and matte.


    – Not as rich as an oil or an epoxy – blander.

    – A developed finish is slow-building.

    – Each coat takes several hours to dry, and many coats are generally needed to have a “marble-like” result.

    Polyurethane – Oil Based

    This is a highly durable finish and easy to apply.


    – Rich, deep coloring.

    – High levels of contrast.

    – Durable.

    – Barrier to moisture and spills.

    – Many available sheens- gloss, semigloss, satin, flat, and matte.

    – Many UV stabilized versions available.


    – Intense fumes, stickier cleanup, respirator required, tacky feel compared to water-based.

    – Slow building cannot lay heavy coats.

    – Heavy coating runs the risk of “skin over.”

    – The top surface dries, creating a thin layer preventing the off-gassing process and leaving a sticky, tacky finish that will never properly dry and cure.

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