10 Reasons to Build with Redwood Wood

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RedwoodRedwood trees are one of the tallest living things on earth. They can grow to 300 feet tall, compared with pines at 268 and tanoaks at 150. The most giant recorded redwoods in Big Basin’s Mother of Forest reached heights of 329, which is only 50 shies from the world record held by Hyperion Tree standing tall for 379 ft high! Despite their incredible size, most roots systems average 6-12 feet deep in the soil.

The tallest redwood tree on earth needs the support and protection of other trees in a forest to grow tall. This is why it’s essential to protect and connect forests because doing so allows for this symbiotic relationship between each tree species.

What Is Redwood Lumber Mainly Used For?

The redwood comes from the Redwood tree, scientifically known as ‘Sequoia sempervirens,’ native to coastal California and is the tallest planet. Redwood lumber is one of the most popular hardwoods, mainly due to its rich red-brown color that can stand up against weathering over time. Redwood wood is very smooth and can be easily worked and carved. It also has a relatively high density, making it appropriate for flooring, decks, cabinetry, and paneling.

Here are some of the uses of redwood wood:

Outdoor structures

Redwood is a very weather-resistant, durable, and highly sustainable wood used in outdoor structures because it can withstand the elements without getting damaged over time. Redwood decks are an excellent way to improve your home’s appearance while enjoying some fresh air outside. Redwood is naturally rot-resistant, so they don’t need to be treated with chemicals or preservatives. Redwood is also highly fire-resistant, making it an ideal building material for exterior cladding.


Redwood is a gorgeous wood that has been used to make furniture for hundreds of years. Redwood tables, chairs, and beds are easy to find at local stores or online because redwood lends itself well to being turned into furnishings. Redwood is resistant to decay from the elements, so Redwood outdoor furniture can be left outside without worrying about it rotting. Redwood furniture is also very comfortable and durable, so that redwood living room sets will last for generations.


Redwood is a popular choice for building decks because redwood is naturally rot-resistant. Redwood decks are built to last, so redwood outdoor furniture can be left outside without worrying about it being damaged by the elements. Redwood also has a distinct color that helps Redwood outdoor living areas stand out from other woods used for decking.

Reasons For Using Redwood Lumber For Building Purpose

Redwood wood is a huge plus in sustainable building materials because Redwood trees grow so quickly and abundantly throughout their natural range along California and Oregon. Redwood trees can also live to be hundreds of years old.

What Redwood Is Good For Outdoor Building

The reasons for using redwood wood for building purposes are given below. 

1. Beauty, Strength, Comfort

Redwood wood provides strength with beauty, comfort, and durability. Redwood has a straight grain, even texture, and the heartwood is bright red. Redwood is much more stable than other woods and requires much less maintenance than different types of wood materials used in building structures.

2. Environmentally friendly

Redwood is a very renewable and sustainable resource. Redwood trees can grow up to 30 feet per year and can live for hundreds of years. Redwood lumber harvested from the forest will continue to replenish and renew our forests after approximately 500 years. In contrast, other woods such as oak, pine, ash, etc., need around 300-500 years to regrow. Redwood trees are also a carbon sink that filters climate-changing carbon dioxide from the air. Redwood is a more environmentally friendly wood building material because of its renewable and sustainable properties, which keep the earth green for future generations to enjoy.

3. Redwood lumber performs better under fire than other types of wood.

Redwood is a durable wood that has been known to withstand fires of up to 800°F, while many kinds of wood such as pine, cedar, and fir would burn quickly. Redwood has been valued for its ability to resist rot, last a lifetime, and withstand abuse from weather or fire. Redwood can also survive direct exposure to fire for an extended period without visible charring or structural collapse. Redwood lumber provides high performance over other types of wood materials used in building structures. Redwood lumber helps protect our environment and is one of the best wood materials used on commercial and residential construction projects throughout North America.

4. Easy to work with

Redwood is easy to work with, and the only special tools required are a saw and drill. Redwood lumber does not require making any special preparations before it can be drilled or cut beyond cutting off any protruding knobs of sapwood. Redwood will also accept all standard nails and screws that you would use for other woods such as pine or fir. It is the best wood material for decking and walls because this type of wood will not swell, shrink or warp across its grain-like many kinds of wood do. It does not expand and shrink vertically across the grain. Redwood lumber provides exceptional dimensional stability and maintains a high consistency in shape, size, and color over time. Redwood is a superior wood material for decking and siding materials because Redwood lumber is resistant to decay, insect attack, and chemical damage.

5. Stains

Redwood can be stained without fear of damage. Its lumber does not need paint and has inherent natural protection from rot and decay. Redwood is naturally resistant to attack by borers and termites. This type of wood is not easy to scratch, so it will keep the surface looking better longer than other kinds of wood materials used for building structures. Redwood lumber provides high performance and is known for its beautiful red color. Its natural resistance to decay makes it an ideal wood material for building structures such as decks, fences, and gazebos. Redwood wood will not split or crack in any way when nailed. Redwood does not require treatment with harmful creosote preservatives that are harmful to the environment. Redwood lumber will not twist, bow, or shrink. Redwood wood is also very lightweight, making it easier to work with than other wood materials used for building structures.

6. Prices

Redwood’s price is very reasonable, but redwood also offers high-quality wood-built structures. Redwood lumber does not require special care to keep it looking good over time. Redwood Wood looks better longer than other types of wood materials used in building structures because Redwood lumber resists rot, decay, and insects that could damage the surface of Redwood wood.

7. Sustainable, Renewable, Recyclable

Redwood trees grow quickly, and redwood does not need to be replanted after harvesting Redwood lumber. It is the best wood material choice for building structures because Redwood lumber repairs itself by sending new layers of growth around the wound of redwood where it has been cut. Redwood also helps reduce greenhouse gases because redwood is carbon-neutral. Redwood requires no pesticides, fertilizers, or irrigation to grow Redwood lumber. Redwoods’ fast growth and harvest in Redwood forests do not hurt the Redwood forest’s environment. Redwoods improve soil quality and wildlife habitat when Redwoods are harvested sustainably. Redwood harvesting also increases the overall health of Redwoods forests by reducing trees overcrowding other trees out.

8. Availability

Redwood lumber is readily available. Redwood wood does not require chemical treatment with harmful preservatives that are harmful to the environment, and Redwood trees grow quickly. Redwoods can be harvested without hurting Redwoods’ forest’s soil and wildlife habitat. Redwood also transports well by trucking, shipping, and railroads because redwood is lightweight. Red

9. Variety

If you’re looking for the perfect redwood to match your home’s existing woodwork, there are 30 different grades available that will fit into any budget. Redwood colors range from light pinkish-brown to deep burgundy red. Call your local lumber supplier in Sebastopol today, and they’ll be able to help guide you in choosing just the right hue! Redwood is the best wood material choice for building structures because Redwood lumber repairs itself by sending new layers of growth around the wound of redwood where it has been cut.

10. Allergies/Toxicity

Redwood lumber is naturally resistant to rot, decay, and insect attack. Redwood lumber will not split or crack in any way when nailed down. Redwood lumber does not require treatment with harmful creosote preservatives Redwoods are carbon-neutral Redwood lumber has high resistance to damage Redwoods will last longer than other types of wood used for building Redwood lumber Redwoods do not require special care Redwood lumber Redwood is Redwood’s fast growth and harvest in Redwoods forests Redwoods will help reduce greenhouse gases redwood does not need to be replanted after harvesting Black.

Redwood wood is a sustainable material that can be used for everything from building homes to furniture. The durability of the redwoods means you don’t have to worry about your investment rotting or breaking down, and it has excellent acoustics, which makes them perfect as an addition to any room in your home. If you want more information on how redwood could benefit your next project, contact Eric Christopher Art – Live Edge Wood Slabs today!

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