What Is the Best Type of Wood for Outdoor Benches

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Outdoor BenchesThe Best Type Of Wood For Outdoor Benches?

Outdoor benches are a great way to add some additional seating for your guests, and they also provide a space to sit and enjoy the scenery or take a break from all of your hard work. If you’re building an outdoor bench, the wood must be durable enough to withstand any weather because it will be out in the elements year-round. Many different types of lumber would be perfect for this project which is why we’ve created this guide outlining our top picks!

Here, we will outline what type of wood is best suited for outdoor benches and offer suggestions so you can decide which one suits your needs best!

Best Outdoor Benches Woods:


Cedar is an excellent choice for a bench frame because it’s naturally resistant to insects and rot while durable enough for the outdoors. It doesn’t warp or crack easily and has a beautiful color that will enhance any garden or landscape! Although cedar is solid, it is also lightweight and easy to carry. In addition, cedar is a relatively inexpensive option compared to other types of wood, which makes it perfect for someone on a budget!


Acacia trees are an excellent choice for those looking to live sustainably and are eco-friendly. Acacias grow in abundance worldwide, making them an invasive species when it comes time to remove them from their original habitats or cultivate new ones with acacia seeds! The wood of these sturdy giants can withstand whatever Mother Nature throws at you (including being left out overnight without protection). This makes this hardwood an excellent choice if durability matters most – especially considering that many people use boat building materials derived solely from dine’.

Acacia is an excellent choice for those wanting an affordable and sustainable option, but it’s also lovely looking on its own! Acacia wood offers a golden hue with beautiful graining, which will make your bench stand out in the garden.


If you’re looking for more traditional material, mahogany is often used in boat and shipbuilding because it’s strong and resistant to the elements. This sort of wood is often used for outdoor furniture, doors, windowsills, or other features that need to withstand rain or other weather conditions such as humidity.

Mahogany wood has a deep red color with yellow undertones, which can be difficult to match if you’re looking to paint or stain it, but it has a beautiful natural sheen that compliments the color of the wood itself.


Cypress wood is a natural, rot, and insect resistant product that can make outdoor furniture. Unlike some of its competitors, such as cedar with the same qualities but less common. Cypress has an advantage because it does not shrink or swell throughout changes seasonally, so you will never have problems installing your new additions onto old furnishings again! The only downside might be finding mature trees, which might prove challenging at times since they are rarer than other species found around here, such as oak, etcetera. But if located, they are an excellent choice for your Outdoor Benches Lumber needs or requirements. Cypress naturally has a pale yellow color with some green hues that will blend into many gardens.

Cumaru Wood

Cumaru or commonly known as ‘ironwood,’ is an excellent option for Outdoor Benches. This Brazilian hardwood has a very distinctive look with its dark coloring. Cumaru wood can be challenging to work with because it’s so dense, but its best quality might be that it never needs to be sanded down! Once you are done framing your Outdoor Benches with Cumaru, you won’t need to worry about upkeep again.

Cumaru is difficult to work with because it’s so dense and can be challenging to saw or cut through. The good news is that if you can secure the wood, it will last for many years without any extra protection! Cumaru Outdoor Benches require minimal upkeep and will stay beautiful for years if left unfinished.

Although Cumaru wood is very dense, Cumaru Outdoor Benches offer a unique look to your space with their dark coloring and natural patterns. Be aware that repairs might be necessary for the future, but this is also true of other types of Outdoor Benches materials. Outdoor Benches are only meant to last for a certain number of years, so care will need to be taken if you choose Cumaru for Outdoor Benches.

Tigerwood Exterior Lumber

The exterior of your home is one of the most important aspects to consider. You want a material that will withstand weathering but also be aesthetically pleasing as well! Tigerwood has all these qualities and more. It’s a beautiful wood with an expected lifespan of up to 30+ years – meaning you can enjoy its beauty for decades without worrying about it losing its natural colors or getting stained from wear after just a few months.

The only downside we’ve found so far is because this particular species doesn’t shed very many large pieces when compared against other types such as Cumaru Outdoor Benches or Brazilian walnut Outdoor Benches.

This makes it suitable for installing Outdoor Benches indoors in high-traffic areas where these larger pieces are just too much of a headache to keep up with when cleaning. What could be considered regular everyday foot traffic that happens enough with people coming in and out?

Massaranduba Wood

Some call it the King of Wood. Brazilian Redwood Massaranduba is a species found only in Brazil. This hardwood has been highly durable and resistant to rot over time compared with other wood types; this means that you can enjoy your furniture longer because less maintenance will be needed for them!

As opposed to California Redwoods, which require annual sealing against water intrusion or decay so as not to damage their grain patterns inside during exposure but alas, there were many misconceptions on what type should suit everyone’s needs before now. And now we know better, thanks mainly to its durability 7x more excellent than our next nearest competitor (CTS), 3190 Janka Hardness vs. 420 [cts] hardness of Spanish Cedar Outdoor Benches. For Outdoor Benches or anywhere else in your home that might require Outdoor Benches after all these years of neglecting the truth about Outdoor Benches?

Garapa Wood

The Garapa wood is a hardwood produced in Brazil, and it’s one of the finest quality woods to be found on Earth. The color varies from light yellow-golden brown as you move away from its exterior surfaces, but what makes this tree stand out are all these unique features that make for an excellent material choice when building your outdoor bench or decking area! Not only does it have a natural resistance against rot and decay, but thanks also lie a 30+ year lifespan, so there’ll never need to worry about having something replaced every few years. Plus, you can find Garapa Outdoor Benches available anywhere. Lumber Liquidators stores are located in Southern California, USA.

Garapa Outdoor Benches are among the finest wood materials due to their natural resistance against rot and decay. With a lifespan of 30+ years, that ensures your Outdoor Benches will appear like they were only just built yesterday for a very long time to come!


The durability and resilience of teak make it an ideal material for outdoor furniture. It’s resistant to insects, making maintenance easy on the eye as well! Its functional properties only rival teaks beauty- this traditional wood has been used in boatbuilding since European colonization. This can tell you everything about why so many people have turned away from these goods due to their high price point (and we know how much some folks love spending money).

But Outdoor Benches created from expensive teak Outdoor Benches from South Asia have been known to last for 50+ years before needing any replacement due to insect infestations. So if you want a beautiful Outdoor Bench that will look as good as it did on your first day using Outdoor Benches, then Teak Outdoor Benches are the Outdoor Benches for you.

European Oak

Oak is a hardwood that’s been used for centuries in building projects such as outdoor furniture. It can be found on old English tables and flooring, or it may even have helped build the Titanic! Oak has stood the test of time because it not only lasts under harsh conditions (like water). However, its classic golden-medium brown color never goes out style either – making this species an excellent choice if you want longevity when working with your woodworking project collection. Outdoor Benches made with Outdoor Benches made from European Oak are resistant to water, insect infestation, and decay. Outdoor Benches can also be used inside the home or indoors (although Outdoor Benches are made from other types of Outdoor Benches like Garapa wood look even better).

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If you’re looking for the best type of wood for outdoor benches, the answer is not as simple as it may seem. There are a few factors to consider, such as what kind of climate your bench will be exposed to and how much care and maintenance will need to go into keeping it in top condition. For example, some trees like cedar or redwood have natural oils that protect them from insects and keep them resistant against rot (which can happen if moisture gets trapped inside). With their soft composition, other woods like white pine make excellent choices because they won’t scratch easily when people slide across their surface on furniture cushions. You also want to consider which material is most accessible for you or another carpenter working with you. If you’re looking for an exceptional bench builder in Sebastopol, California, who can provide a wide range of services, including custom design work at competitive prices, call Eric Christopher Art today! We are the best lumber store in California, and outdoor benches are our specialty. You can visit our website or call (707) 815-4724 for more information!

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