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About Us

Eric Christopher Art has provided lumber services and other materials to Sebastopol, California, for years. Since opening, we have always been a local, family-owned operation dedicated to providing a masterclass service from the finest, high-quality, and sustainably sourced wood slabs. This, combined with the top-notch artistry within our lumber store, has seen us develop world-class art and turn our clients’ dreams into real masterpieces.

We are a family-owned business with high-quality products, masterclass artistry, and dependable services and solutions you need to see your dream project completed right. We thank everyone who has consciously chosen to purchase the foundation of their project from us. We invest so much into recycling mother nature’s artwork, and it feels great to have our customers recognize the beauty of giving these quality logs a second life. It gives us an indescribable feeling to be part of your story.

We Are Addicted to Stacking

Whatever you need for your woodwork project, you can find it in our fully stocked lumberyard. Stop in and pick up your favorite slab and burlwood for the best solution for your project. We earn our reputation daily through excellent customer service and masterclass woodwork artistry. Judging by the overwhelmingly positive responses and revisits from our first-time and regular customers, we are excited to present the best woodwork artistry and materials supply.

Working with us is truly a great experience whether you want to complete a woodwork project or source quality lumber materials. Even if you are going to know much about live edge slabs, turn a raw slab into a table or pick out a slab for your first redwood slab project, we will walk you every step of the way. It explains why we’re addicted to STACKING EM’ UP!

We Live the Qualities of a Good Craftsmanship

Eric and his partners;
– Trust the end-value of every artistic process to the satisfaction of customers
– Balance passion for history and tradition with a drive to innovate
– Occasionally sacrifice time and finances for best customer experiences and sustenance.
– Think things through and plan first, then maintain focus on their work

Eric Christopher

Professional craftmanship is an attitude, and our lumber store finds it important enough to cultivate. Whether you are a first-timer, you do not have to be too anxious. As experts, we care deeply about the craft and readily willing to go deep with beginners. We are your perfect stop for unbeatable rates on lumber.

Consult top-notch professionalism from the best lumber store near you. Understanding what sets of salvaged wood slab species would work best in your project, the artistry involved in DIY carpentry and woodworking serve best to bring out the best of your idea. Because what you choose to use in raising your structure or finishing your dream project is important, it proves very vital to consult experienced woodwork artists and suppliers.

Connect with the Master Craftsman Who Brings Excellence to woodwork

Learn how to be a master craftsman and work alongside experienced craftsmen to see your dream idea turn into reality. Once you have decided on a project, it is essential to keep things in proportion by making your project’s space feel sophisticated and curated rather than overbearing. The craftsmanship fun begins here as everyone’s taste is different. Visit our constantly changing inventory and see, with the help of our professionalism, if anything screams, “Take me home.” Our inventory is based on the tree species we can give a second life to.

The price is influenced by many factors which are not limited to:
– Material size (volume)
– Material species
– Figure
– Moisture content
– Whether the material is raw or surfaced

If you need lumber, Eric Christopher Art is the best choice for you!

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