5 Reclaimed Wood Projects That Sell

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The use of reclaimed woods has been on the rise in recent years. Furthermore, most design trends are currently becoming more eco-friendly and thus the increased use of reclaimed wood other than virgin wood.

Reclaimed wood is no longer just used for floors. You can also use it to do DIY projects for sale or even for your home. They have a unique appearance, which makes them easy to sell.

Here is a complete guide to help you understand reclaimed wood and the various projects you can use it in.

What Is Reclaimed Wood?

Reclaimed wood is a unique and stylish choice to enhance modern homes and commercial premises. It would be best if you did not confuse it with salvage wood. It is a high-quality wood that has been air-dried after the virgin wood was removed or demolished from construction or a structure.

It is taken from various sources such as wine casts, warehouses, factories, stock farms, and old barns. The reclaimed wood can be recycled for use in factories or wood projects that appear aged but unique.

Reclaimed wood can be from any wood species, but the most common species include oak, redwood, and Douglas fire. Are you a sentimental person who is fascinated by old and past things? well, then you can invest in reclaimed wood to either use it at home or sell it in the form of projects or designs.

Why Should You Consider Using Reclaimed Wood?

Reclaimed wood is also known as recycled or antique wood. Some of the benefits of using this wood include:

  1. Uniqueness

Reclaimed wood can make unique objects or structures, unlike virgin wood. For virgin wood, you know that it is wood that has been cut down in a forest, but with recycled wood, it has a history. It could be from another country or century.

  1. Durability

Reclaimed wood is more durable than virgin wood. The main reason could be that recycled wood is from old forests, which were more robust and durable than the current tree generations we have now. It is harder and can therefore make long-lasting items.

  1. Environmentally Friendly

Cutting down trees now and then leads to deforestation. With reclaimed wood, you do not need to cut a tree to get wood. You recycle used wood. It reduces environmental hazards while at the same time makes new and unique projects.

5 Reclaimed Wood Projects That Sell

There are various ways you can use reclaimed wood projects. Some of the methods involve making wood projects or designs. Here are some of the best-reclaimed wood projects that sell.

  1. Reclaimed Wood Mirror

For most people, having a mirror is a must. You not only need a large mirror, but you also need one that can enhance your décor and that looks unique. A reclaimed wood mirror adds beauty to your home, and it is a great piece to sell because almost everyone uses a mirror.

  1. Reclaimed Wood Candle Holder

If you are not interested in getting a chandelier, you can use candles to illuminate your room. Sometimes, chandeliers can be quite expensive and ordinary. If you are looking for something rustic and unique, then a candle holder made from reclaimed wood is a great choice. It is incredible and sometimes cheaper than buying a chandelier, and that is why it sells.

  1. Wood Wall Art

Most people look for wall arts that are beautiful and uncommon. They look for long-lasting art and one of a kind. Reclaimed wood can be used to make a wood wall art that is striking and that can be hanged or used in any place of the house. Wood wall art is an excellent project for sale since it tells a story and has a lot of history.

  1. Reclaimed Wood Cabinets

Are you looking for something special to sell that can be put in a study or bedroom? well, you might want to consider reclaimed wood cabinets. Reclaimed wood cabinets can be made from recycled wood, thus reducing cost. It gives a room a distinctive look, and that is why it is easy to sell or make for your own home.

  1. Reclaimed Wood Wall

For this project, you need to get reclaimed wood pieces of different colors. When the woods are placed together, they appear very exceptional and beautiful. For persons looking to have a home decorated with exclusive features, this is a perfect solution.

How to Finish Reclaimed Wood

You can finish reclaimed wood by using the following steps.

Prep the Surface

The first step of finishing reclaimed wood is to prep it. That means removing any grime or dirt from the wood. You must use the right tools to not interfere with the wood’s character.

Sand the Surface

After removing the dust from the reclaimed wood, you need to make it appear softer and more delicate. You can use an orbit sander to make the surface smooth, but avoid pressing too hard so that it can grind the wood. The important thing is to make the wood appear rough but soft to the touch. Be sure not to discolor the wood.

 Clean the Surface

After sanding the surface, you should clean it up to remove any small particles left. You can vacuum it or blow it off if you remove all the visible debris and dust.

Apply the Finish

At this stage, it depends on what you want to use as the finish. But be sure to use one that has a high finish and that can be easily smoothed. Also, find one that can easily be cleaned and dried.

If you do not want to use a sprayer to apply the finish, you can use a synthetic brush.

If you follow these few steps, you can learn how to finish your reclaimed wood to make it look like a professionals’ job.

What Kind Of Paint Is Best For Reclaimed Wood Projects?

Reclaimed wood projects can look amazing if you apply paint to them. It can look exclusive and unique as long you use the right paint and paint the correct places without removing its character and originality.

It would help if you used a paint that is easy to dry and synthesizes well with wood. Nevertheless, wood is porous, meaning it creates a shallow bond with the paint, unlike other materials. Paints such as latex and acrylic can be good for reclaimed wood projects. But, the most important thing is to prepare your wood.

If your wood has no good finish, the paint may get in touch with the debris and specks of dust, making it look uneven and undesirable. Therefore, be sure to give your wood a good finish if you want it to look good with paint.

Where to Find Reclaimed Wood?

Reclaimed wood can be sought in different places. You can use the following tips to get recycled wood for free but note that it is not given; you might find it.

  • Let people know that you are in need of recycled wood. You can place ads on Facebook or any social platform. You might find someone looking to dispose of them off for free or at a lower cost.
  • Look for furniture stores or grocery stores in your area. You may find some that are unused, and you might be lucky to be given a few. Do not pick someone else’s wood without asking, even if it has been there for ages without use.
  • Befriend local contractors and ask them to lend you some of the wood that is left off when they are remodeling buildings or homes

You can choose to use any of the above methods, but there is no guarantee that you might find it. So, if you require reclaimed wood, you should consider contacting Eric Christopher Art in Sebastopol, California.

Eric Christopher Art is a family business that sells high-quality wood slabs. You can get enough reclaimed wood for your project and get guidance on the best type to use. Be sure to contact them for high-quality reclaimed wood.

How To Price Reclaimed Wood Projects?

Like any other project, you need to sell your products for a price favorable to consumers and one that gives profit. It will be of great help to calculate all the expenses and costs used in doing the wood project and then add a small margin to it to get the price.

In most cases, wood’s price is based on the size, the material or tree species, the moisture content, and whether the material is smoothed or not.

You must find cheap but quality material to do the wood project. Otherwise, the cost may be too high, forcing you to overprice your product. If your project’s price is too high for the market, most people might hardly buy it. Therefore, do your research on how other projects are sold and reduce the cost as much as possible.

For more information on reclaimed wood projects, you can contact Eric Christopher Art. We have a professional craftsman who can guide you in doing unique wood projects. We can also help you identify the best-reclaimed wood species depending on the project you intend to build.

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