Live Edge Wood Furniture: Care & Maintenance

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Live Edge Wood Furniture is one of the most popular design trends these days. Many people are interested in the style and look of live edge wood furniture. They like that it is natural, organic, and rustic while still being beautiful. It’s not your usual type of furniture, but it is something that you should consider if you want to have a one-of-a-kind piece for your home or office. Live edge wood can be made into any number of pieces, including benches, tables, coffee table tops, headboards, shelves – the list goes on!

If you are looking for a unique way to furnish your home, then this post will give you ten ideas that may work for your space. We hope these tips give you some inspiration and practical information about how to purchase live edge slabs from lumber stores near you!


The first idea is a bench. Bench seats are the perfect option for an entryway, as they provide seating and storage at the same time! You can find live edge slabs that will fit nicely in your space to make this project easy.

Coffee Table

Live edge wood slabs make excellent coffee table tops as they are sturdy and eye-catching! These pieces come unfinished, so it’s up to you on how you want them designed – stain, paint, or no finish at all! They would work well as an accent piece in many rooms within your house because they provide such a focal point. You could even build a matching end table to go along with it if desired. Lumber stores will have specifications about how thick a slab is necessary to be used as a coffee table safely.


Tables are another famous piece of live edge wood furniture because you have so many options with sizes and shapes. Live edge tables look great when paired with matching chairs or benches from other projects, like those mentioned above!


Another way to use these beautiful pieces of lumber will be in a headboard for your bed if it doesn’t already come standard on most beds nowadays. Headboards made out of solid wood (not just plywood) add warmth and personality to any bedroom. If you are looking to make your bedroom more unique, then this is the perfect project! You could use live edge wood in any color and shape of wood that will look great with the rest of your home design.

Desk or side table

Live edge wood can also be used to create a desk or side table. You’ll want to make sure you leave enough room on both sides of the slab for any doors that may open and close over it, as well as ensure you have clearance underneath your desired piece for cable cords or power strips if necessary!

Fireplace mantels

Live Edge Wood Slabs are also great as fireplace mantels. There are many ways in which this piece could be designed to match whatever space you’re working with or simply create a stunning focal point above your fireplace! Lumber stores will be able to provide you with a slab thickness guide so that no mistakes happen during construction (i.e., putting two thin slabs together).


We love the idea of having a row of shelves with different heights and widths to create some custom shelving. You can also make a floating wall shelf by screwing the slabs to a wall and hanging them with some hooks.

Dining Table

If you’re looking for a family-sized dining table, Live Edge wood slabs are a perfect choice! We love this idea to make one long surface – and it’s easy too. All you need is four legs (you could even salvage some old ones from an old desk or furniture set!) and then drill two holes in each leg at the same height so that they’ll fit snugly into either side of your slab. The possibilities with these pieces are endless: different lengths, shapes, colors… You can’t go wrong!

Bed Frame

You can use Live Edge wood slabs to create a one-of-a-kind bed frame that will fit any bedroom. We recommend building it with two live edge boards, some L brackets, and three brass bolts per leg for the mattress support to give you enough room on each side of the bed for storage underneath. This is an easy way to add some extra character without sacrificing space!

Wall Art

One last idea is converting these pieces into wall art with just one slice of live edge lumber. From racks that hang from the wall beautifully showcasing pictures and other decorative items to full-sized mirrors complete with a frame around them – this type of project is perfect for adding some natural beauty in every nook and cranny throughout your home.

In conclusion: With just a little bit of creativity and hard work, anyone can make their home feel unique with live edge furniture pieces made from these beautiful slabs!

Live edge wood slabs can be found at most lumber stores in various lengths and widths, so finding the perfect piece for your project is easy! These are all great options to consider when looking into live edge furniture or even DIY projects that require some woodworking skills.

Where can I find live edge wood?

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